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The Holy Cup

Please visit Leonardo Deviancy's Fresco, The Last Supper.

You will see the 12 Disciples, six seated on both sides of the table with Jesus and His Wife, Magdalene, in the middle of the table. Jesus is breaking bread and pouring the wine. You will notice no wooden wine cups in front of any of the Disciples. After Jesus breaks the bread and says, " Takethis bread and eat it. This is my body, in remembrance of me." After Jesus passes the bread to both sides of the table, He takes the wine and fills the only cup on the table and said, " Take this wine and drink of it for this is the blood of my body that is given up for you." Jesus passes the cup to both sides of the table.

Mary, Mother of Jesus known as the immaculate Conception visited 14 year old Bernadette 18 times. Mary knew of the medical problems with Bernadette. Mary asked her to "eat the bitter herbs in the cave, drink the water of the spring, wash her face in the water, crawl on her knees and kiss the soil in the cave and finally said, "I cannot help you in this world, only in the next."

I asked Father John if the Bible identified Mary, Mother of Jesus to miraculously heal anyone? The Father said, "No." It is reasonable for anyone to believe that Mary doesn't have the miraculous healing powers of Jesus. Further, it is reasonable to believe that Mary didn't visit 14 year old Bernadette to miraculous heal her. Mary did know that Jesus healed several people; By touching a man to give him sight, to touch a man to help him walk, to cure a leper and to bring back Lazarus from the dead. Mary visited Jesus and asked Him if She could help Bernadette with her Asthma and Tuberculosis and a tumor on her right knee. Jesus held Mary's hand and sent Mary on Her way. Mary visited Bernadette and held her hand and she didn't have any additional pain. Mary asked Bernadette not to tell anyone and this was their secret. It was I who discovered Bernadette's secret.

I believe if you touch my hand and gently touch your pain that you will not suffer anymore. Additionally, if you touch my hand and purchase a wooden cup and pour holy water into the cup and drink the liquid, any pain inside the body would go away. Send me your wooden cup and after I hold your cup, I will return the cup to you. 

With Deep Spiritual Faith and Humility, I remain,

Your Servant,


Messenger Of Her Holiness Saint Bernadette