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The Gospel of Jesus

At the hands of Pilot, Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross.

Mary, Mother of Jesus and Magdalene, Jesus's Wife, was present until the end of His life. Magdalene was pregnant with Jesus Daughter named Seth. Magdalene traveled to the South of France with the remains of Jesus and remained hidden in a Monastery, named after Her, for the rest of Her and Seth's life.

In Northern Egypt, the grave of a Monk was discovered, and opened. The Monk was found holding the biblical written account of Jesus within the writings in the Gospel according to Peter.

For 2000 years, all Christians were ordered by the Romans to accept the Roman account of the life of Jesus. In 30 ad, a relentless battle for the future of Christianity and the human soul began without a Bible or any of the written Gospels. Jewish leaders were ordered by Emperor Constantine to come together and to create the Gospels according to the Romans. Anyone caught reading any forbidden religious text would be put to death and the Romans would burn or bury the book in the sands of Egypt.

The Gospels of Jesus continued to be shared quietly with groups of Egyptians until all the stories were changed and written into new Gospels according to Roman law . The Roman's took up their spears and swords and killed every one who defied the new Roman law. The Gospel of Phillip, the Gospel of the Hebrews, the Revelation of Peter and all 50 Gospels eventually disappeared.

After the Roman's ended their unholy quest to change the Bible and Gospels to their way of thinking, there would be 4 Gospels in the Roman Bible that were approved by the Roman Emperor Constantine. He appeared to Christian and Jewish leaders to have became a convert to Christianity days before his death. If their is one thing the Romans knew how to do, it was to organize everything into Roman law. When the Vatican found out that Magdalene gave birth to Jesus's daughter, they put to death 50,000 women in 300 years to destroy any likely- hood of additional children from Jesus's relatives. In 1940, Hitler Put to death 6,000,000 million Jewish families after having a meeting with the Pope at theVatican.

Constantine wanted to use the Bible and Gospels of the Jews to unify everyone's understanding of Roman laws. They blended the writings of the life of Jesus with the needs of the Roman Empire. Faith and Roman politics emerged as one. Constantine wanted a singular ideological belief of Christianity. He wanted to place the written information under his total control and used his authority to organize and reinforce the belief that God was the exclusive protector of the Roman Vatican Empire. and the Roman Empire seeks the use of religion for all Rome's singular purposes.

Constantine decided which Gospels he would choose to be acceptable for the needs of the Empire. He created copies of his religious Bible which contained only the approved Gospels of Mathew, Mark Luke and John. And, the four decuples named didn't write any of them. What happened to the other Gospels? They were burnt or buried in the Egyptian desert and the Christians that were caught reading them were put to death. All books not approved by the Empire was considered heresy. What was contained in these Gospels that was so threatening to the Romans? The true life of Jesus.

The Gospels written by Peter were discovered buried in the Egyptian desert appeared to be written after the life of Jesus and were quickly dismissed. The priests and bishops carefully watched everyone and told the Roman soldiers the names of everyone who violated the Roman-approved religious laws. Soon, thousands of crucified bodies lined the roads into the city for everyone to remember what happened to those who violated and defied Roman laws.

Over the centuries, the Gospels rewrote the beliefs of Christianity and faith itself and could be traced back to the second century but no closer to the life of Jesus of Nazareth. The gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John were written by the Romans not the Disciples. Christians believed that they really didn't need Churches or Priests, Bishops or Cardinals. All they needed was a clear and direct spiritual relation to Jesus. It was time to throw away the theoretical books written in the time of the Romans and read only the biblical books of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. It is time to rewrite the book according to the life of Jesus.

The Gospel of Thomas was given a carbon date of being between 300 to 400 bc. Scholars believe the Gospel of Thomas is copies from the first Roman text. The Gospel of Mary Magdalena predates the Gospel of Thomas because it was known that She was with Jesus during His life. This is the Mary Magdalena the apostle and a member of the inner circle. The writings of the Gospel states the true nature of Mary. It states that women were the power and the members of the Church and the leader of the Apostles. The most important Gospel written was the Gospel of a woman, Her Holiness Mary Magdalena. It appeared in time that it was the Romans that rewrote the writings of Magdalena to make her into a prostitute. The Gospel of Mary Magdalena speaks about the secrets Jesus mentioned to Her about life, death and Heaven. Jesus spoke to Her about the afterlife in terms not spoken to others. The afterlife is described as being a blissful paradise and a strange journey of the soul that passes others on their way to heaven.

Mary understood the mind of Jesus and other apostles did not. This must revolutionize the role of women in the Christian Church of today. The Gospel of Her Holiness Mary Magdalena was discovered in 1896 and carbonated to the time of Jesus. It mentioned that if any person rewrote the Gospel according to Jesus, it was said that all that was good, beautiful and

filled with love was the life of Jesus. 

With Deep Spiritual Faith and Humility, I remain,

Your Servant,


Messenger Of Her Holiness Saint Bernadette