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Saint Bernadette's Gift

            Mary knew of the healing powers of the milky substance. Mary knew of the healing powers of the spring. After asking Bernadette to do several things that would involve touching the soil that could have the milky substance in it, Mary knew that the healing powers of the milky substance and the healing powers of the spring could not help Bernadette Soubirous. Mary then mentions; "I do not promise to make you happy in this world only in the next.”

             I asked Father Brian what he thought about a few experts in Lourdes examining the milky substance for its medical value and compare this substance with other substances found in healing waters throughout the world. Father Brian mentioned that, If it helps one person, I agree.

His Holiness Pope Francis,

Mary knew of the asthma, the tuberculosis and the tumor on Her right knee that would cause Bernadette great pain and suffering as She got older. Mary was unable to stop the injuries from getting worse. However, Mary was able to stop the pain and suffering She endured throughout Her very short life. Mary mentioned to Bernadette that she isn't to speak to anyone about Our secret. Bernadette wrote several books that mention Mary's secret to Her. Bernadette never mentioned the details of the secret to anyone. In Her books, Bernadette did not mention having any pain in Her body.


Father. Please consider allowing my patron Saint Bernadette to lead everyone to the Sanctuary of Lourdes. She worked in the Infirmary in the Convent in Nevers. Please remind Her that She should not forget to bring Her broom that She left in the closet.

November 2013

Jesus answered my prayer; “No legion. Saint Bernadette and You."


December, 2013

After 157 years, Saint Bernadette did not appear to anyone in the world, until December 2013, She appeared to one person, I am that person. I mailed a letter and report to His Holiness Pope Francis of Vatican City in Rome regarding the first appearance of Saint Bernadette and Her request. That letter is published on this website.


My right knee began hurting years ago and now more than before. When I sit down in the living room, it feels better when I rest it on the foot-stool. After I try to stand the knee hurts terribly. Saint Bernadette saw how difficult it was for me to stand during a rest period. The only comfort I have is when I lay down in bed at night.

While I rested the leg in bed, I felt a small hand pass through the covers and gently touch the right leg four inches below the knee. Saint Bernadette’s hand remained on my leg for several seconds before She carefully lifted her hand and placed it on top of the knee. A few seconds later, She removed Her hand. I thanked her for Her kindness. Next morning I found that my right leg didn’t hurt anymore for the first time in years. I could finally walk without the aid of my cane. All the pain was gone. I discovered that Her Holiness Saint Bernadette was blessed with the healing powers in her hands.

Days later, I had the opportunity to hold Saint Bernadette’s left hand she used to eliminate the pain and the cause of the pain in my right knee and leg, it may be possible for her blessing to be transferred to my hands.

While I was walking the park area, I had a pain in my two hips. I thought if Bernadette had only a blessing in the left hand that could eliminate pain and the reason that caused the pain, then If I placed both my hands on my hips, I should be able to eliminate the pain in my right hip only. If I placed both hands on both hips and the pain was removed from both hips, Her blessing from Mary is in both Her hands.

I put both my hands on my hips and in seconds, the pain and suffering I felt and the cause of the pain and suffering was gone in both hips.

I carry Saint Bernadette’s Blessing and I can transfer the blessings to anyone that touches my hand.

Now, I am prepared to deliver Saint Bernadette's Gift to the world.

Saint Bernadette said to us all, "You have suffered enough. Suffer no more forever."

Remember, Saint Bernadette kept Her word to Mary and didn't mention Her secret to anyone, It was I who discovered the answer to the Secret and Her Blessing,


I had the opportunity to shake the hand of a lady who had pain from carpal-tunnel-syndrome in her right hand. two weeks later I met her again and asked her if she had her surgery. She mentioned that she didn't feel pain for the last two weeks. I asked her how long ago did we meet. She said two weeks ago.


May 1 to May 8

Cardinal Burke and his Federal Sisters of Malta should test Saint Bernadette's healing gift by allowing the Sister that I held her hand to hold the hand of one of the highest ranking Sisters of Malta. Medical Reports should show pain suffered and application of the patient's hand over the area of pain until pain is gone. A medical x-ray may prove the depth of Saint Bernadette's gift.

The highest ranking Sister of Malta should hold the hand of a number of other Sisters of Malta. They will hold their patients hands and when the patients feel pain in their body, they will gently touch the area closest to the pain. When the pain stops they may remove their hand. The healing gift will be theirs forever and may be given to others,


My final evening at the Sanctuary of Lourdes; Mass

The chairs in front of the Grotto quickly filled with rows of Pilgrims while others found a place to stand behind the chairs as the three Priests took their place at the offering table. What I will remember most was the presentation of the Scripture followed by the offering of bread and wine with the spiritual song of, "Maria." Everyone's voice filled the air overlooking a beautiful golden sunset. The song filled everyone's heart, mind and soul as we offered our song to Heaven. Everyone felt the presence of Jesus and His Mother, Mary standing with us.

A lady sitting next to me during Mass mentioned to me that she could see Mary, Mother of God in the niche just above and to the right of Mary's statue. I looked and saw a white cloud with a dark shadow in the niche. I asked the lady, "are you certain?" She said, "yes, don't you see Her?" I said, "Yes, She is here." After a beautiful Mass and song to Maria, Who could say Mary wasn't with us.

She said "someone should tell the priests." "I would be honored to." I said. I walked up to the room where the priests changed after Mass and spoke to three security people while they waited for the priests. I asked them if the senior priest had left. One of the security said, "No, they were still inside." "I would like to speak to the senior priest when he comes out," I said. He walked inside the door and gave him the message. A few moments later the priest came out and asked us, Who wants' to speak to me?" "I do," I replied. I said, "Can we walk over to the tree of lights, I would like to show you something."

As we walked over, I asked him, "Do you think most of the five-thousand Pilgrims that lit their candles and walked in procession last night without seeing them believes that Jesus and His Mother Mary was with them as they sang songs during the procession?" "I do believe that Jesus and Mary was with us last night as we walked in procession and sang songs to Jesus and Mary." He mentioned. "Even if we didn't see them with us? "Yes," he said. "Even if we didn't see them."

A lady sitting next to me said that she saw Mary standing in the niche. He looked up to the niche. "isn't it reasonable to believe that the lady did see Mary in the niche?" I asked. The priest nodded his head and said, "It's possible that she did see Mary."

Wasn't Saint Bernadette the only person to see Mary, Mother of God on 18 occasions but as many as 20,000 people at the Grotto felt Her presence. They didn't need to see Her to know She was there in the niche. I looked back at the lady and nodded to her as everyone else looked up and quietly talked amongst themselves.

Everyone here last night and today at Mass believe, even though we can't see them, that Jesus and Mary did walk beside us last night and was with us today at Mass as we lifted our voices to Heaven and I believe that this lady did see Mary Mother of God in the niche. I believe that Saint Bernadette walked beside me last night and was near me in Mass as the scripture were read. Anyone that did not see Mary in the niche should consider strengthening their faith so perhaps next time they too may see Mary in the niche or feel Her presents.

In 1858, Bernadette saw a lady dressed in white with a blue belt and yellow roses on Her feet. Bernadette said Her rosary as Mary said Hers. Bernadette announced this visitation to 2 others that passed the story along until as many as 20,000 people watched Bernadette at the Grotto during one of 18 appearances of Mary. They could not see Mary but truly beleived Mary's was present as She spoke to Bernadette. Isn't this what I just did to announce the appearance of the apparition toa priest for this lady?

As a priest saying Mass believes Jesus is with us at the offering table. Christians have been doing this since the dawn of time. They beleive.

Sing the song "Maria" and see if you feel Her presents near you. While you are singing, see if you can hear Her sweet beautiful voice singing along with you.

Your servant,


Messinger to Her Holiness Saint Bernadette

[email protected]

Saint Bernadette said,

"We must all go forward into our future, by returning to our past."