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April 13, 2014

Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller

Piazza del S. Uffizio 11

00193 Rome, Vatican City

Letter to His Holiness Pope Francis

The Sanctuary of Lourdes,

The Convent of the Sisters of Charity, Church of Saint Gildred;

Know, that on December 2013, Saint Bernadette Soubirous appeared to me with a Message for the Roman Catholic Church, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes and to the Sisters of Charity in Nevers, France;

Father, December 2013, I worked late in the evening when I saw movement in the room. I immediately recognized the black clothing of a nun and knew that only one person would wear her veil two-inches forward of her face to create her, “little Chapel.” She was facing to Her right and slowly turned to Her left and faced me. I recognized my Heavenly visitor to be Saint Bernadette Soubirous. I said, “Hello Saint Bernadette.” She turned back to the right, stepped closer to the desk, turned and looked at me a second time. I asked, “How may I help you?”


It is important to mention this part of the story. You may discover the reason behind the appearance of Saint Bernadette.

As a member of Mariner’s Church in Newport Beach, California, I was invited to take a trip to Israel for two weeks in April. Ninety of the members signed-up for the Israeli trip. Prior to the day of departure and during Sunday services, the Senior Pastor mentioned to everyone that he wished all the members of the Church could go. I thought of his words and came up with a solution for more members to travel with us.

Madelyn and I created a prayer-request form, for members not flying with us, to fill out. It came with an envelope, a sheet to write on and a gold seal. The Pastor announced that I and two others signed up for the Israeli trip and volunteered to take everyone’s prayer-requests to Israel. They were to fold the prayer-request, place it in the envelope and seal it with the gold seal. They were to place their name and address and whether they would want Madelyn to leave it in a small opening in the Holy wall or to take it to the Tomb of Jesus and return it to them. Ninety members requested the prayer-request package. The members of the church may not be able to fly to Israel with us but their prayers will.

Ninety of us landed in Israel. With the sights and sounds coming from the streets of Jerusalem and a clear view of the ancient city, I sensed that this trip was not a vacation. It was a Pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. I left the aircraft and found myself stepping into the living Bible.

A few days into our Pilgrimage, everyone was driven to a place on the Jordan River to be baptized and to renew our faith. After our group entered the Jordan River and was baptized, the Senior Pastor asked if there were anyone else to be baptized. I don’t quite know why so many of them knew but it seemed that everyone was pointing at me. The Senior Pastor smiled and politely asked me to step forward. I knew the water was freezing because the ice-packs were just a few miles from the headwaters of the Jordan River. I stepped into the river and touched the freezing water and flinched. Everyone knew my discomfort, laughed and in a friendly way prodded me on. My legs, abandoned all hope for me and kept going forward. I finally met all four Pastors in waist-deep water and all were smiling. They helped push my body into the freezing water and held me there until they slowly spoke the words of baptism. Again, I am a Catholic.

A few days after our arrival back to the Church, I prayed to Jesus to allow me to be one of his Messengers. If He knew of a person who needed help, I asked Him in prayer to send the person to me and I will do everything I can to help him. It wasn’t long, before I was assisting people….many people. People needed to take our class but didn’t have enough to purchase the class or the materials; they were given the items. I offered my help whenever I could. I did not ask Jesus for anything, only to allow me to help those who needed help. I learned early in life to pray asking Jesus what I could do for Him-not what he could do for me. My needs were given to me without asking.

Years passed and one night before I went to sleep, I laid there with my eyes closed. I could see the face of a person looking to the left. He had long grey hair that seemed to be matted. He turned, looked at me, then turned back and walked away. I watched him join other men working at a table. Each person appeared to be the same age and had long shoulder-length hair and beards. Each looked at me and went on with what they were doing. They didn’t speak and appeared not to be particularly pleased with my presence. I sensed that these men were the first Messengers Jesus knew when He lived on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. I knew why Jesus wanted me to visit them; I was chosen to be one of His Messengers. I sensed that I will not wear the shoes of the Fisher’s of Men but I am allowed to walk beside them.

December 13th 

Next several days, I had a strong feeling. I needed to go to Lourdes and Nevers France. I thought deeply about why Saint Bernadette visited me. I came to the belief that going to Lourdes and Nevers France must be one of the reasons for Her visit. I wondered why She didn’t tell me. The only thought that came to my mind was, “You will know.” I believe this answer came from the Saint and if I’m correct, I will be going to Lourdes France.

I wanted to see what a trip to France would cost so I searched computer files and checked with a company called “206” in New York and found they offered an eight-day $4,000.00 trip. I knew instantly that I couldn’t possibly afford this trip. If this is truly why Saint Bernadette visited me, Saint Bernadette must have known. The only way I could visit Lourdes was to visit their website at Most every morning I visited Lourdes at 9:00 am to pray the rosary. Rosary was spoken in Spanish by three Catholic Priests and I learned to say the rosary in English as they spoke the words in Spanish.

Late December 2013, and after my brief visit with Saint Bernadette, I looked online to see if my small amount of retirement funds arrived. I checked the record and found $43,000.00 deposited in the Government Bank.

How could any person in the world see this outcome, days after my brief meeting with Saint Bernadette? The only person that could have possibly seen this is not of this world but only in the next, Saint Bernadette. This proves my question regarding the strong feelings of going to Lourdes and Nevers France. The notion did come from Saint Bernadette. There could be no other answer. I’m going to France.

I paid for the trip to Lourdes, France. The company booked me on a flight March 12th I accepted the tickets, packed everything needed on the trip and was reminded that March 12th was still two months away.

I truly believe with all my heart that the only person who could have brought about this miracle is Saint Bernadette Soubirous. I am going to Lourdes and I realized that the reason Saint Bernadette wanted me to go to Lourdes and the Convent of the Sisters of Charity in Nevers had to be very, very important.

March 12th, Lourdes

On the second day at Lourdes, I walked down to the Grotto and sat down. I quietly mentioned to Saint Bernadette that, “I’m here.”

I think of Saint Bernadette often and truly believe because of not knowing why I was chosen to visit Lourdes, She is not far from my side.

While I was at the Grotto, I noticed something unusual coming from a layer of sedimentary rock just above the Grotto. It appeared to be a white milky substance dripping down the top of the Grotto and into the cave. I went inside the Grotto with several other Pilgrims and found the dried milky substance on several of the large stones. Many of the stones were wet to the touch from dripping water that may have mixed with the milky substance from above.

I moved my hand over a rock that had both water and the dried substance. I didn’t see any of the milky substance on my hand, only water. I wondered how long this material was dripping down into the Grotto and began looking for an earlier picture of the Grotto. I remembered an earlier picture of the Grotto taken in 1800 where Saint Bernadette prayed nearby. I was unable to find the picture in the shops near the Grotto.

The next day, while visiting Saint Bernadette’s home in Lourdes with the group, our guide gave everyone a small picture to keep. The picture showed the Grotto in the 1800’s along with Bernadette praying nearby. The picture clearly showed a portion of the top of the cave covered with the white milky substance that appeared to be coming from the same crevice of sedimentary rock that I saw. Yesterday I looked in several shops for this picture and couldn’t find it. Today I’m handed the same picture. I quietly thanked Saint Bernadette. My earlier thought of having Saint Bernadette at my side is proven. She is at my side. 

Late evening, I and the group had the opportunity to attend rosary at the Grotto with Father Brian who is attached to our group. When the prayer session ended, many of us started off to our hotel.

I saw Father Brian walking next to me and I asked him a few questions. I asked him if he knew if the Bible scriptures mentioned that Mary, the Immaculate Conception, ever preformed a miraculous healing? He said, “No.” I asked him, if Mary appeared to Bernadette to miraculously heal either her asthma or tuberculosis? He said, “No.” I asked him if he was aware of the milky substance coming out of rocks above the Grotto. He said, “No.” I said, that I believe Mary had the idea that it had healing powers similar to many of the healing pools found throughout the world and my evidence of this is found in Bernadette’s writings. 

I continued to mention that, For example, Mary, the Immaculate Conception asks Bernadette to, “Kiss the ground…” drink of the spring (….) Bernadette mentions in her writings that, “I only found a little muddy water. At the fourth attempt I was able to drink. She also made me eat the bitter herbs that were found near the spring. I knew that plant growth commonly take-in nutrients through their roots that are dissolved in water like the white milky substance in the soil. Again Bernadette was asked to drink the water, …kiss the ground and move on her knees through the soil and finally, Mary stated that, "I do not promise to make you happy in this world only in the next.”

Mary knew of the healing powers of the milky substance. Mary knew of the healing powers of the spring. After asking Bernadette to do several things that would involve touching the soil that could have the milky substance in it, Mary knew that the healing powers of the milky substance and the healing powers of the spring could not help Bernadette Soubirous. Mary then mentions; "I do not promise to make you happy in this world only in the next.”

I asked Father Brian what he thought about a few experts in Lourdes examining the milky substance for its medical value and compare this substance with other substances found in healing waters throughout the world. Father Brian mentioned that, if it helps one person, I agree.

Nevers, France

After lunch we departed for Nevers. Saint Bernadette lived twelve-years at the Convent as a member of the Sisters of Charity in Nevers. In addition to asthma, she suffered from other illnesses, including tuberculosis of the lung and a tumor on her right knee. Saint Bernadette died at the age of 35 and her body is at rest and on display at the Church of Saint Gildard, The wind was strong and the air very cold upon our arrival at the convent of the Sister’s of Charity. The group quickly entered the Church of Saint Gildard for mass and to view Saint Bernadette. 

I was so moved by seeing Her in Her nun’s clothing that She wore when She visited me just a few months ago. Now, I finally see Her resting peacefully in Her beautiful bed. Saint Bernadette will never be dead in my mind. How can I believe She is dead after seeing Her walking and moving around in my office looking at me a few months earlier. My mind rejected what my eyes see. My mind settled on the notion that She is only resting. There is too much work to be accomplished by Saint Bernadette and I have been asked to help.

The group slipped outside when I saw several people around a lady that appeared to me to be ill. Someone asked us if anyone had medicine for her illness. No one spoke. I said “Isn’t their medicine here in the infirmary?” One person said, “There is no medicine in the infirmary.” I asked, “What has happened here? Saint Bernadette worked in the infirmary for many years before She passed away. I learned later that the Sisters of Charity had about 300 nuns here but only 5 are left.

I saw the cold barren rocky landscape and asked Father Brian, “Is this the way Saint Bernadette saw the Convent and Saint Gildard? Father Brian said, “No.” I knew that the Pilgrims were not able to visit the Convent, so I asked Father Brian if he would show me the window of Saint Bernadette’s room. He said, “Her room is on the other side of the Convent.” Because of the short time we had at Saint Gildard, Father Brian mentioned that the small gift shop would only be open for a few more minutes before they closed. I and several others went in to see it. A few minutes later I found myself alone in the little store. I opened the door thinking it would open to the courtyard and to our bus but it didn't. I was walking through a long corridor that I remembered Saint Bernadette walked through to ring the bell when visitors arrived. I remembered that she met a lady and her sick child in this corridor. I was worried that the group was waiting for me so I opened another door that led into still another part of the Convent that I have seen before. I closed the door and walked back down the corridor and into the small gift shop. I asked a person to show me the exit where our bus was parked and he walked to the same door that led me to the Convent, opened it and I saw the bus. This was very, very odd.

Father Brian was standing at the back of the bus when I asked him, “is everyone on the bus? He said “No, they will be back soon. The cold chill and the wind forced me to take shelter in the bus and I sat down. Looking out the window at the grounds, I began to understand why I was invited to Lourdes.

Saint Bernadette wanted me to see the rest of the Convent but I was afraid to be left behind. The Convent was closed to visitors and no one was able to enter. The Convent was open for me to enter. I did have time to see the Convent but didn’t. For this I am truly sorry. Now, even without seeing the Convent and home of Saint Bernadette, I know why I have been asked to come to Lourdes and Nevers. There is much more to this story but my story must end here. Now, I will mention to everyone that I had help with this letter.

Before I wrote this letter, Saint Bernadette appeared to me a second time.

There is one seal on the Message representing the requests of Saint Bernadette and two others.


I am the Messenger for Her Holiness, Saint Bernadette.

Saint Bernadette requests me to present this Message to Pope Francis, the Holy Church of Rome, the Sanctuary of Lourdes and to the Sisters of Charity of the Holy Convent and Church of Saint Gildard.

There are two-parts of the Message.

First part of the Message reads;

2014 We must go into the future by returning to our past.

All Pilgrims who enter these Holy places shall continue their journey with hearts refreshed, faith renewed.

If a person is hungry, give them a fish, and the knowledge to fish.

Classes should be offered at Lourdes and Nevers, the Convent of the Sisters of Charity. 

Saint Bernadette asks us to open classrooms to teach the stories taught to the Disciples and others. Jesus, God of us all.

Saint Bernadette asks us to open classrooms to teach the rosary. Mary, Mother of God.

Saint Bernadette asks us to open classrooms to teach the true meaning of faith.

Saint Bernadette asks us to open classrooms to teach the meaning of the Mass.

Saint Bernadette asks us to open classrooms to teach Catechism.

Saint Bernadette asks us to open classrooms to teach the story of Lourdes.

Saint Bernadette asks us to open classrooms to teach the story of the Sisters of Charity and Saint Gildard.

The Messenger

for Her Holiness Saint Bernadette

March 29, 2015